Spatial Pixel

Making Design Computable

Protofit is an interactive floorplan tool that enables real estate professionals to plan and visualize office space. It leverages a number of automated routines that optimize spatial layouts.

Automating Architecture: Protofit

Simulation – Mitosis Biomimicry

A simulation of cellular reproduction using a model based on a point-mass physics engine.

Painting with Particles in Processing

Particle simulations have many applications and a lot of creative potential. Here's a demonstration of using them to create energetic abstract imagery.

Generative Design – Variants

An example of a generative primitive-variant pattern inspired by D'Arcy Thompson's On Growth and Form.

Hacking Design Media

How software and other media can influence thinking, and how designers can begin to control it.

Simple Earthquake Visualization

A simple visualization of USGS earthquake data and geodata framework built with Processing.

Parametric Design and Code

Parametric design is one of many possible instances of computational design process. It is a gateway to a broader, new way of thinking.

What is Design Computation?

Design computation is the art and science of getting computers to propose design solutions; it is creative coding, augmenting the creative process with computational techniques to identify, abstract, and resolve complex design scenarios.