Spatial Pixel

Making Design Computable

Protofit is an interactive floorplan tool that enables real estate professionals to plan and visualize office space. It leverages a number of automated routines that optimize spatial layouts.

There are several ways to add interactive markers to a map in SlippyMapper.

JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, is a common data interchange format, meaning that it’s used to exchange data between different services and make it consumable in a human-readable, standard way.

SlippyMapper is a module in the Spatial Pixel libraries that helps you draw interactive Slippy Maps in Processing's Python Mode.

A simulation of cellular reproduction using a model based on a point-mass physics engine.

Particle simulations have many applications and a lot of creative potential. Here's a demonstration of using them to create energetic abstract imagery.

An example of a generative primitive-variant pattern inspired by D'Arcy Thompson's On Growth and Form.

How software and other media can influence thinking, and how designers can begin to control it.

A simple visualization of USGS earthquake data and geodata framework built with Processing.

Parametric design is one of many possible instances of computational design process. It is a gateway to a broader, new way of thinking.